KTK Network Terms and Conditions

Submitted by kisgaben on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 17:29

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I abide by the following conditions and certify that the network registration information given is accurate, in case of change in personal data I shall notify the Departure (KTK Számítástechnikai Szakosztály, KTKSzSz) within 8 days.

  • I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all of the installed software and data on my storage devices.
  • I take care to keep all my connected devices virus and malware free.
  • I use the network only for non-profit and study related activity.
  • If my device is used by somebody else, I take full responsibility for all their activities. I take care that no unauthorized person can gain access to my computer or to the network.
  • I acknowledge that in case of exceeding the upload or download limit I can get temporary ban. (The actual limits set by the Departure are available on the FAQ page. We reserve the right to modify them during the semester.)
  • I acknowledge that on the dormitory’s network the following are FORBIDDEN:
    • All illegal activity against the netiquette.
    • Using programs that can lead to privacy/other unauthorized system intrusion (e.g.: password-cracking).
    • Use programs that result in unduly high load on the network (e.g.: rc5 cracking).
    • Using peer-to-peer file sharing programs (e.g.: BitTorrent).
    • Gaining higher level privileges on the network without the knowledge of the Department, the using of another login name, and passing logins to unauthorized person.
    • Falsification of network traffic (changing IP address, MAC address, or other idetificational protocol stack).
    • Sending chain letters, spam, and mail on behalf of other.
    • Storing, downloading and uploading/spreading any material that is against effective law.
    • Use of any traffic, packet filtering, catching or tracking software.
    • Operating router, gateways or proxy services.
    • Providing any services (Web, FTP, mail, etc.) – with the exception of justified cases with permission from the government or student council and approval of the Network Department.
  • I acknowledge that on the dormitory and institution’s physical network the following are FORBIDDEN:
    • Influencing the installation or operation of any active or passive network elements, damaging or disabling them.
    • Connection, disconnenction or temporary connection of network devices (switch, router, hub, computer for network sharing, etc.) without the permission of the Department. (Including unproperly installed or unreported Wi-Fi access points.)
    • Breakdown of covers.
    • Operating network equipment from ungrounded power supply.
  • I acknowledge that if the Network Department management considers that my network activity is not proper, then my network connection for the current period can be PERMANENTLY terminated WITHOUT NOTICE and even IMMEDIATELY.

None of the rules above exempt or override the rules of the higher-ranking service providers, the user regulations of the NIIF or the University polices .

In ambiguous cases, the more restrictive rules shall control.